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Home Depot carpet price per square foot


When you are reading this post, chances are you are looking at laying a few home depot carpet per square foot or office and are wondering what you can get the price to be. Having laid carpets on a number of spaces, we are here to inform you what to expect throughout this method.

Whether going into a brick and mortar store or looking the Internet for your carpet, it is important to have the starting point of prices of square feet. Several shops show the price of a square yard, so we’ll demonstrate how to figure out both of these dimensions.

The first step in any project is determining your budget. For example, imagine that you have $1500 for this project. Next, you will need to find out how large your space is. The best way to do this is to sketch out a diagram from the space, including any closets or inlets in the room. You are able to either do this by yourself or have a specialist take care of it for you.

When it comes to sizing, most carpets for the home are available in a 12′ width, and commercial carpets is available in 13’6″ and 15′ widths. When determining the quantity of carpet required for a room, you’ll have to take the width of the carpet roll itself into consideration. For example, if you wanted to cover a space of 150 square feet, that’s 10′x10′, you could not simply buy that footage originating from a 12′ roll. That part of carpet cut from a 12′ roll would leave you short on one end, and you’d have to fill the area with the extra carpeting from the other end of the roll, an unattractive solution.

When your area is determined, you need to analyze it in square feet or yards. To get this figure, multiply the width and the length. For example, a 12′x9′ room is 105 square foot. Divide this figure by 8 to determine the area in square yards. In this instance, you’d have 11. 555 or 11. 6 square yards.

The next step is to determine the cost you are able to afford to remain in your projected cost; remember that in our example, its $1, 800. To find the most precise estimate, you need to element in the price of installation and cushioning as well. Overall, figuring in a more $ along with the carpet prices yields a good estimate.

While looking at home depot carpet per square foot at different places, think about either the cheapest available or normal price for carpet, padding, and installation, and then you will know how far your budget will go. Equipped with correct measurements and an idea of prices, your project will go a lot smoother and you’re much better able to find great carpeting price.

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