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Flooring Carpet Lighting Installation


Looking for home depot in choosing a flooring carpet lighting materials will not have to compromise all. The right choice coming from the aspect of function, comfort, and beauty. Installation place and nature of any flooring material must also be a concern.

To the floor in the dry area, we are freer to choose the type of floor material. If the floor is designated as a wet media, for example the kitchen or bathroom, choose a waterproof floor coatings to the surface not easily worn out by the scour of water or soap. Kind of like, this can be tailored to the desires.

For the bedroom, flooring chosen should be soft, such as wood or carpet flooring range.
One more, if the outer space, the choice of floor coatings is the surface a bit rough and durable. This meant that the floor is not slippery when rain washed.

how to clean flooring carpet lighting

to clean the room, the first step to marginalize the furniture in the room. Move to a specific part that you are free to perform cleanup activities. But, when you move it should be noted not to shift the furniture, because once the slide with a certain pressure will cause blisters. To shift furniture, use a soft mat like a rag or towel. Put on the bottom of the furniture when they want to move.

The next step, cleaning wood floors with a broom made of soft. Or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt on flooring carpet lighting. When cleaning use a dry cloth. A cloth soaked with water will seep into the pores of the wood flooring and can cause damage. Then lift the remains of dirt on the floor by rubbing in a circle so that the floor cleaner.

Installing flooring carpet lighting

wants to install wood floor flooring carpet lighting? No need to call a handyman, just try to do you. The work is not too complicated, the tools used were simple.

Two main tools are required; a tool for making holes and tightens. The rest, just need the skills to connect the house wiring and stringing light. The following steps detail the process.

Tools and Materials :
  • * One set of lamps up light.
  • * Chisel, hammer, screwdriver, and tespen.
Installation steps :

  1. Determine the point where the lights will be installed, pull wires, positive and negative, to the point. Place the wires under the wood floor.

  2. Use a hammer and chisel to make a circle, at the point, which has been determined. Adjust its diameter to the size of the center line of home lighting ring.

  3. If you use a low voltage halogen lights, lowering the voltage transformer placed at the bottom of the hole. Connect the transformer to the cable and the negative positive. Connect the cable from the house light fittings to the transformer.

  4. Place the plug in the tube home, and pairs of halogen lamps. Replace the lamp house cover, and tighten the fastening bolts.

  5. Take the ring and glass cover lamp holder. Bring each section with screws.

  6. After all done, enter the house lights into the holes, which have been made. Then turned on the lights ready.
All depends on the shape and design to your taste. Perhaps you also want to get different types of flooring carpet lighting information on home depot.

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