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Home Depot Carpet Dye Kit


home depot carpet dye to provide information in maintaining the balance and blend color carpet in your home because too many colors in the room can create numbness, exhausting, affecting you and your family. I propose that the following comparison of color in general, that is 60-30-10. For example, 60 percent of the wall should be one color pattern, color carpet and furniture 30 percent. For accessories such as plants, artwork and linens to rest, which is 10 percent.

Carpet Dye Kit

For the dining room carpet is shades of orange dye. On the principles of feng shui, the color of orange adds appetite. Unless you want fat, please use the color orange.

quality home depot carpet dye

after determining the carpet dye you want, you should note the following number. First, consider the quality of the dye. This may sound easy. However, today a lot of carpet dye product of inferior quality. Faded quickly and easily change color after using carpet cleaners.

Important note, before determining the color, you should know in advance the carpet dye trend. Do not forget, choose which contains 100 percent acrylic and resistant to ultraviolet rays. Dye must also be environmentally friendly. And, most importantly easy to apply and clean. Better yet, if not leave odor during and after the staining.

application home depot carpet dye

Next, select the color that creates harmony in the whole room. Synchronize color carpet with furniture. Remember, the color chosen indirectly describe the mood of the owner of the house. For example, describing the red color of energy, mobility, and warmth. White colors depict innocence, purity, and cleanliness.

Its application in the room usually gives the impression of breadth and width. There are many more meanings than the existing color. Choose the color that you think fits your personality or Occasion. Avoid carpet dye changes of stark contrasts from one room to another. If you have a great idea and understand the techniques in the selection of color continue to explore. But cannot do it directly, go to home depot carpet dye that has been professional. You just need to direct it so that the results are in accordance with the wishes.

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