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Carpet Tiles Lowes Installation Guide


The first thing a person should do is to put the carpet tiles Lowes in the area where they will be installed. This helps to acclimate the carpet tiles to the environment of the area where they will be installed.

After setting the carpet tiles Lowes in the area and leaving them there overnight, one then needs to sweep and clean the room. This is necessary to remove the dirt. One should also cover the pot holes or cracks that might be present in the area using concrete fill or wood patches, depending on the floor type.

The next step in carpet tiles Lowes manufacturer’s installation guide is determining the length and width of the room in order to identify its center. After the measurements, one should mark the outlines with chalk so that they can have a benchmark while laying the carpet.

The next step is ensuring the outlines drawn earlier as guides for carpet tile laying are at right angles. This is because the carpet tiles Lowes are squares; therefore, if the outlines are not even, they should be re-drawn after measuring with a square.

One should then lay the first four carpet tiles at the center of the room in a quadrant. One should then remove the backing from the tiles and then carefully place them on the floor after application of the cement. One should confirm that the Lowes carpet designs, like flowers or arrows, face in the right direction.

Carpet Tiles Lowes Finishing Touches

After placing the four Lowes carpet tiles at the center of the room, one should then surround them with other tiles while making sure the directions of designs are maintained. After one has correctly placed all the Lowes carpet tiles in the room, they should pass over them using a roller to ensure there are no bubbles left between the carpet tiles Lowes and the ground.

source : http://www.carpettileslowes.com/

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I love having carpet tiles at home. Its more comfortable and easier to clean than the whole carpet itself. Thanks!


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Yes, I have been looking for this all day better now than never!

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