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Hardwood Floor Stain Colors


choosing a hardwood floor stain color, it is important to think of flooring as an indispensable aspect of decor. Although personal preferences are important, they should not be the deciding factor and limitations of style, existing colors and room size must be given equal consideration. But good news is that hardwood flooring can be had in a plethora of surface styles, colors and finishes so you can be rest assured there is a perfect one to match your interiors.

Consider the Type of Wood

Wood floor stain colors, the species of wood will play a crucial role in your hardwood stain selection. Oak offers the most color choices and is the easiest wood to stain. Contrarily, floors made of coniferous, birch or maple are hard to stain evenly so they are best left natural. Maple and birch possess tiny pores and tight grains, which make it difficult to absorb pigment, but this can be resolved by using a modified sanding and conditioning technique to make them appealing and extremely durable.

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Traffic and Lighting

Lighter and natural hardwood stain colors will typically reveal the woods knots and whorls, and can really open up a room that doesn't receive a ton of light and is small. Even though, the woods natural imperfections will be evidently showcased on light stain hardwood colors, pet hair, dust and scratches that are inevitable will blend right in. Darker stains however will camouflage the woods natural imperfections, but will reveal pet hair, dust and scratches especially if the room receives an abundance of light.

Consider your Decor

Hardwood floor stains are available in myriad colors so you will definitely be spoilt for choice. You can even create tailor made and unique stains as well and regardless of how old your floor is, you can achieve a whole new look with a new finish. Lighter stains tend to add brightness to casual areas and are ideal for country themed interiors. When choosing your stain color, also consider the level of translucence it offers. Choose a light stained hardwood floor color that is more opaque if you do not wish to see every whorl and knot in the wood.

For homes with a more traditional decor, medium hardwood stain colors such as gunstock, Sedona red and chestnut are excellent classic choices. These pigments tend to create a rich and warm feel and simultaneously compliment existing types of wood you may have in your home. Dark stains have become increasingly popular lately and are a perfect compliment for modern interiors.

Using dark stains can make other colors in the room stand out, and hues such as mahogany, ebony and Jacobean can create a stylish and rich look and direct appeal towards your favorite pieces of furniture. Remember, the hardwood stain color you choose must not be identical to the color of your furniture or walls, but rather opt for colors that contrast and complement each other.

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