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How to Get Silly Putty Out of Carpet


It is a common thing to put carpet on the rooms of your house whether it is in the living room, bedroom, and even dining room. However, have you ever thought that there is probably stain attached? It is quite annoying indeed. Moreover, it is if the stain is something sticky and difficult to be removed like silly putty. Well, it may need a longer time to make it clean and clear. Even, it is possible as well that you cannot remove it completely. You should not worry about this matter actually. Yes, silly putty is not something that absolutely cannot be removed from your carpet. Sure, there are some ways you can do so that your dirty and stained carpet can be clean even from the sticky silly putty. So, what are they? Just check them out.

Wet Silly Putty

If the silly putty is still wet and it is attached on your carpet, it is actually really easy to be cleaned. There are several things that you need to prepare. They are sponge, warm water, detergent, and salt. Just pour the detergent and salt on the warm water. Then, plunge the sponge on the mix of water, detergent, and salt. Rub the carpet with silly putty gently until the stained is attached on your sponge. If it is quite difficult to remove, you may try to rub it more hardly. The salt is actually really helpful and advantageous to remove something sticky on carpet and other home fabrics. Meanwhile, the detergent can just make the process of removing stain much easier. Besides, the bad smell on the carpet can also be got rid of.

The mix of salt, detergent, and water is not the only thing you can use to remove the sticky stain like silly putty. Aside from the salt you can also use white vinegar. Of course, you may still use detergent which is indeed functioned to remove the smell and make the process of cleaning is much faster. Make sure to let the carpet dry before it is used or put on the floor of your room. You can iron it, let it dry by itself, or dry it under the sunlight. Sure, if the stain area is small, it seems that the process of drying will not need a longer time. It is a different story if you also want to wash the entire part of your carpet.

Dry Silly Putty

Dry silly putty tends to be more difficult to be removed anyway. However, nothing is impossible of course since you only need to work harder for this. There are indeed some detergents that can solve this problem. However, if you think it is still difficult, you can use the white vinegar at the first time. Pour the white vinegar with warm water and then spray it on the part with stain. You may let it be for around 15 minutes before you brush or rub it using warm water and detergent. It is easy, isn’t it?

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