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Kinds of Carpets


The process of choosing a carpet of today is not as easy as in the days of old when the types of carpet are few in number. Carpets in modern times come on very varied. Not only from the way of making rugs by hand or hand-made carpets, but also very popular with the carpet-making machinery. Hand-made rugs are usually superior in terms of uniqueness motive than the machine-made rugs that have exactly the same motif in a single production. Therefore hand-made carpets are more expensive because valued in terms of artistic and is a type of carpet that is a collection-level antiquities and objects of high artistic merit.

For prestige and adequate budget, hand-made rugs can be in hurry as the main option, in addition to state of the art, well worth antiques. For convenience and variety of motifs and colors are varied, machine made carpets provide a wider choice for sure one of them will match the feel of the room that is being designed.

To keep abreast of the market, the carpet is now also divided into various levels of price, quality, and motives. In general motif rugs are divided into two major categories, namely classical motifs and modern motifs. Classic carpet motifs refer to many types of Persian rugs that rely ornamental decorations to beautify the appearance of the carpet. As for the modern motif, with the development of modern tastes, relying more on the simplicity of the combination of lines and modern colors. Skewer with nuances plan to choose the right motives. The feel of a classic motif rug would look more elegant and luxurious, while the modern motif rug will provide more choice and flesibel the feel of the room is designed themes.

About the material, there are five types are available silks, wool, nylon, polipropeline, and skin.

  • Silk
    Silk arguably the most expensive of all other carpet-forming material. That's because silk has advantages in terms of material, which is smooth and strong color. Since it is very expensive then this type of carpet is only used in certain spaces and just be an accent. The price could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Wool
    Forming material that is not less great is wool. This material strong yarn, bright colors, high color and durability. This type of carpet had trodden so comfortable. However, this type of carpet is fairly expensive.
  • Nylon
    Lower class is nylon. Carpet with this material quite well if space is often exposed to dirt. Generally, the dirt cannot be attached to the nylon material so that, when cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, dirt will be easily inhaled or lifted. Another advantage of these rugs, fur standing is also not easy to fall. Carpets were always feels soft. With nylon material, color carpet would look bright it is often used in a public area in the house.
  • Polipropeline
    If you want carpet with a more affordable price, no one if your on a carpet with polipropeline material. "The price of rug with this material could be half of the price of nylon carpet," said Prapanca. Although not expensive, this carpet is quite strong. Weakness, carpet yarn forming easy to fall and the color fades easily. Carpet was quickly "catch" dust.
  • SkinOther types of rugs are made from leather. Skin softness and exclusivity of the material makes this type of carpet is fairly expensive, especially now that there is a trend with a lot of fur rugs. However, this type of carpet susceptible to dust and is difficult to remove the dust. Therefore, this type of carpet should be placed in the area of semi-public and private areas.

Carpets of any type are selected, be sure to choose which suits your needs and the design of the room. By knowing the types of rugs will make it easier for us to plan for the purchase of carpets.

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