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How to Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles are one of the most cost-effective ways to change your flooring, and also one of the easiest to put in place. Here’s what you need to know.

At first glance, carpet tiles look like a cheap substitute for conventional carpet, and that is one of the roles they play. However, they do have advantages aside from relatively low costs (a basic 50cm by 50cm tile costs around $5.25).

Compared to carpet, they are much easier to install — you can do a simple room in a couple of hours — and don’t require anything much in the way of specialised tools. Because each square of tile is individual, you can easily create geometrical patterns if you so desire. It’s also easy to replace an individual tile that has become worn or stained, eliminating the hassle of replacing larger areas of carpeting. Because of this, carpet tiles are often used in high-traffic areas such as hallways.

The obvious first steps are to measure the room so you can work out how many tiles you need. A typical tile is 50 centimetres by 50 centimetres, which means you need four for each square metre. If your room measures 2 metres by 4 metres, that’s a total of 8 square metres, which means you’ll need 32 tiles. If there’s any complex cutting involved (to deal with gas heaters, door frames or other nuisances), you may want to grab a couple of spares to cover for mistakes. If they’re not self-adhesive, you’ll want some means of adhesion as well (discussed below).

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