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Carpet Tile Advantages


Carpet tiles are being used in both commercial and residential areas and this is because there are a series of benefits, or more importantly advantages, that come with a carpet tile. The six main advantages of carpet tile are the following:

1. Costs and savings - When renewing interior areas there is a reduction in expenses as carpet squares permit:
  1. Workstation and furniture's changes and movements due to the ease of installations, tile sizes and programming by smaller and more efficient sections
  2. Redesigning electrical networks
  3. Relocation of telephone and computer systems
  4. Many times there is a need for temporary relocation of your staff. Carpet squares allow you to reduce this time frame.
  5. Modular carpet extends the replacement is cycle
2. Reduction in waste factor
  • Over a regular surface modular carpet has a definite advantage as it wastes less carpet. Carpet roll installations typical have up to 12 % wastage, while for carpet squares this is just 3%. That 9% difference will add up to a very large amount in a short time.
3. Design Tool - aside from the many designs available in carpet tile, there are a series of advantages that are specifically related to design factors, such as:
  1. You can select the specific designs according to how exposed an area will be to intense traffic or potential stains
  2. Design flexibility by use of modules
  3. You can define areas by color and texture
  4. Selective replacement is much cheaper than having to replace all the carpet.
  5. With carpet tiles you are also able to change designs in different areas and so build up to an overall change of appearance.
4. Rotation - You can optimize appearance by relocating modules. For example by rotating carpet tiles in traffic areas with those in non traffic areas you are in effect increasing the lifespan of the carpet. As a programmed exercise this provides great results.

5. Installation and Reusage.
  1. It is very easy to remove and reinstall for future modeling.
  2. A faster installation
  3. A less expensive installation
  4. Extremely compatible with open office designs
  5. Accessibility to electric systems
6. Storage and Transportation
  1. Carpet tiles are packed in boxes and this makes them much faster and easier to manipulate.
  2. Storage space is much smaller.

it was six benefits of carpet tiles, coming soon post advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles. see you...

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