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Engineered Hardwood Flooring


This type of wood floor construction is similar to plywood construction (artificial board). Composed of several layers of wood are arranged transversely between each layer. This type of wood flooring can be installed directly on the floor, but the floor should be better leveling. Can also be applied on the concrete floor.

The thickness of the material is usually 15mm and has been finished to the final layer. Engineered hardwood Flooring advantages of solid wood flooring is the ease role in the installation and can be installed in almost all the rooms of your house. Type of finishing for the type of flooring is usually the type of UV, the type of finishing materials are dried with ultraviolet light so that the surface hardness of the floor better than the usual types of wood flooring. In addition, also due to have finished first, then the installation will be cleaner and faster. This type of wood for the 'top layer' engineered wood flooring can be of various hardwoods in a manner different coating. These ways eg by a thin veneer, thin sheets of wood split with a knife or a sheet produced from the chainsaw.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This type of wood flooring installation system uses 'floating' or gluing with glue, depending on the type of flooring to be installed wooden floors. The system allows for dopasng floating above the concrete floor, which on average do not have too much difference in height or also applied over the tile floor.
Engineered wood flooring is now becoming one of the favorite type of floor for the room in the house because this type of wood flooring easy installation and maintenance. But the production process is not as simple as the installation process.

Wood flooring comprises an important part of the base layer in the form of 3-6mm thick veneer layers and arranged crosswise to obtain the required thickness (8-15mm). And the top layer in the form of a thin veneer (0,5-3mm) as an aesthetic layer.

Base Layer

With the base material of the timber, engineered wood factory floor will begin to peel or cut the logs into veneer, similar to the artificial board manufacturing process. Very important work in this step is drying veneer before coated become base layer engineered flooring.

Veneer dryer machine

Veneer sheets are arranged in rows on the desk drying machine that moves toward the engine oven space. With a certain speed, the veneer is dry when out of the oven at the other end of the machine. Because of the thin veneer and with humidity in Indonesia which reached an average of 70-85% will require a large space for storing dry veneer before coated become base layer.

The room was commonly called 'Conditioning Room' with a stable temperature and humidity and little air movement also so veneers do not change shape. After being stored at least 24 hours in 'conditioning room' new veneers are processed further in the coating chamber.


Veneer sheets are arranged to obtain a certain width and length and then spread with a special glue and made pressing by cold press machine or hotpress, depending on the type of glue and type of flooring is being manufactured. The final layer can be done simultaneously or separately.

After the glue dries, cut sheets and cut into the size of the width and length are correct, then the new finishing process is done.


Average finishing method used for engineered flooring is the type of roller coater or curtain coater that using finishing materials types of UV (Ultraviolet) which is scratch resistant and quick drying. This engine configuration is very long with a rolling work desk.
Once sanded until smooth base, the workpiece enters the first machine will coat the base material finishing. At the time of the workpiece is out of this machine can be directly sanded in preparation for the next layer.

At the finishing line engines for the second layer, the job site is more closed and protected from dirt or dust. When the workpiece out of this machine can be directly packed, of course, after checking by QC factory.

Compared with ordinary furniture factory that makes the chair or table, engineered flooring manufacturing process more simple but necessary machinery and better technology. More process engine (up to 80%) than the manual process. The production speed is very high because almost everything is done by machines

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