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What Know About Refinishing Hardwood Floors


The trend to use Refinishing Hardwood Floors is on the rise in recent times, besides looks elegant and clean, parquet floor also bring beautiful and natural atmosphere. There are a lot of motives that can be selected at will. Having a home that is comfortable, beautiful, and elegant is a dream for all the people both in Indonesia and abroad. There are many ways to decorate our homes to make them more beautiful and comfortable, but many of them are often not affordable alias expensive or some are not compatible with other designs (unbalanced). There is one product that you can try to beautify your home, by installing wood flooring or parquet.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Basically, parquet divided into 3 types or variants, namely vinyl parquet, laminate parquet, solid parquet, laminate parquet and solid wood parquet. All three have a motive, advantages, and also the different prices. Solid parquet or commonly referred to as solid wood parquet custom made with solid wood pieces, usually with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. But the price of parquet motif is three times more expensive than laminate parquet. However, you will benefit in the form you can refinishing as much as you want. Refinishing Hardwood Floors can bring soft impression of luxury. However, this has the disadvantage of parquet susceptible to insects termites are often destroys wood products.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

The latter type of Refinishing Hardwood Floors is parquet veneer or called veneer parquet. The parquet floor is a combination of solid wood mounted on its surface, and plywood or so-called low-quality wood underneath. In general, solid wood parquet veneer has a thickness of only 5mm. In contrast to the parquet laminate, parquet although this cannot be finished often as solid parquet. If you need our help for selecting the right parquet flooring for your building, then you've located the right place. Please contact our hotline wood floors for more information.

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