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Rug Doctor Deep for Best Solution of Carpet Cleaner


The rug doctor was probably the best superior which had been recognized and proving home owners with DIY of carpet cleaning for machine equipment. They always were on the commercial grade of rental cleaners. With the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner 93146 model, the manufacturer had applied their expertise too create longer durable and powerful of consumer grade of carpet cleaner for house users. This model also promises you with the professional cleaning and lower cost that commercial-grade for Rug Doctor Extractor machine.

Why choose this product?

According mostly users, the Rug Doctor extractor machine offers the users with incredible power of cleaning, for pet owners, this machine also very helpful as well. Some dog lovers were please with this machine that able to clean their waste and vomit without any difficulties. Part of superb clean action had been attributed into system of dual action brush which completed with 12 rows of bristles to lift the dirt from your rug and rug fibers as well. With this technology, even your older stains and pet’s waste also having a good chance for being leaning up.

rug doctor deep carpet cleaner
rug doctor deep carpet cleaner

Several customers also stated that the result of cleaning which they experience with the professional cleaning in the past were on par as well. The users also commented that they feel that this product was do better job. This is because the suction power and easier to be used. However, there are still customers who refer with other products. Well, this is based on your preference. The reason behind this excellent product was the high power of suction from the machine. The machine motor has power about 11 amps which bigger power than the other product. The company also claimed that this machine has 75% more of suction power than the other house upright of carpet extractor. The bigger suction power means that more of dirt which had extracted and leaving your clean rug. The other benefit was minimizing the dry time, this is because the liquid and humid will be lifted from your rug.

Beside that for several areas which have stubborn stains, this is also help you by using the function of super boost spray. This machine was including of dials to turn on the extra boost of detergent in your rug. The actually spray was placed on the back of rug Doctor which right oath of cleaning. When you rely on this feature, the user can pre treat the stain area separately before running this machine around all of areas.  The dry time was also faster because the high power suction which help the dry time faster and effective.

What are the features?

  • The dual cross action fro brush system
  • The high power about 11 amps
  • 12 inches of cleaning path
  • Two tank systems
  • Flexible hoes and the hand held brush which effective ti clean up hard to reach area.
  • The cord length in 28 feet
  • 2 year warranty

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