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How to Dye Carpet Easily


These Are the Steps of Dying Carpet

For people who have an old and fade carpet, they might want to consider replacing it. The easiest way is buying a new carpet. However, there is still a cheap way to make the carpet look new. The way is dying the carpet. Many people want to know how to dye carpet. These are the steps of dying the carpet in order to have new color. The first thing is cleaning the carpet first before dying your carpet. This process is started by removing the dust and stains of the carpet and also gets out the furniture of the room. After the room and carpet were cleaned, we need to cover the wall with ribbon. The next step is protecting our selves. The ways to protect our selves are opening the door and window to make sure that the room gets ventilation to get out the smoke from dye. Next, we have to use protecting glasses and masker in order that our health is treated.

After that, we apply the day to the carpet. If we buy a spray can of dye-based, we do not need to make further preparations. However, if we use a dye that needs to be mixed with water, we will need to incorporate the dye with water in the product package instructing an empty spray bottle. When we apply the dye, we must be careful. After the dye was sprayed in certain area, it is better to use a brush to brush to the carpet. We apply the same amount of dye for every area of the carpet respectively. This thing can usually be measured by the number of sprays. If we feel dizzy or light-headed due to the smoke dye, we need to take a break outside the room. Those steps are how to dye carpet that can be practiced at home.

Tips for Dying Carpet 

To dye the carpet, we need to notice some things how to dye carpet in order that it works very well. There are some tips for dying the carpet.  Sometimes we have to apply the color for the second time to light dry areas of the carpet. This thing can happen if we do not apply sufficient dye for the first time or in the stained area. The changing of the color usually occurs before we apply the dye. Then, we need to limit the use of dyed carpet for many times based on recommendation of the manufacturer. Generally, environmental and carpet condition can also affect the time to use in dying carpet.

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