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Types of Carpets Home


Types of Carpets Home - CARPET prices are made by hand or hand made has a price more expensive than carpets made with machines. Virtually equal quality, but generally different strengths knitting. Carpet manufacturing is relatively strong. Problem motif, hand made carpets never have exactly the same motif.

Carpet motif became a figure of the most easily recognizable. In general, motif rugs are distinguished two types: classic and modern. Classical motifs usually have lots of decorations. Concretely, this classic motif something like Persian rugs, while a simple look more modern motifs. Usually it is a mix of lines and colors are more assertive.

When talking about the carpet, people are more often seen than the size of the thickness. The average person looking for a thick carpet because it feels softer than the thin. Thick carpet is thin there because of differences in materials and structures.

Thin thick carpet was there because the manufacturing process and some techniques of manufacture, among other loops, heat set, and falt woofen. These techniques produce rugs with different qualities and thicknesses. Example, with the heat set techniques, can be generated shaggy carpet (hairy dreadlocks) and standard.

From the other side, the carpet is divided into two parts, there is a Tufted (tufted) and wattled. Most people use a tufted carpet construction because the carpet is soft when stepped on.

Problem material, there are five types available, namely silk, wool, nylon, polipropeline, and skin. Silk arguably the most expensive of all the other carpet-forming materials. That's because the silk has advantages in terms of material, which is smooth and strong color. Since it is very expensive then the carpet of this type is used only in certain rooms and only the accent. Carpet prices could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Forming material that is not less great is the wool. Yarn material is strong, bright colors, high color and durability. Step on any type of carpet is so comfortable. However, this type of relatively expensive carpet.

Class below is nylon. Carpets with this material is quite good if the space were often exposed to dirt. Generally, impurities can not be attached to the nylon material so that, when cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, the dirt will be easily inhaled or lifted. Another advantage of this rug, fur standing is also not easy to fall. The carpet was always feels soft. With a nylon material, color of the carpet will look brighter then it is often used in public areas in the home.

If you want the carpet with a more affordable price, is not wrong if your choice on the carpet with polipropeline material. Price carpet with this material can be half the price of nylon carpet. Although not expensive, this carpet is quite strong. The disadvantage, carpet-forming yarn is easy to fall and the color fades easily. Carpet was quick to "catch" the dust.

Carpets are other types of leather. Skin softness and exclusivity of this type of material makes carpet expensive, especially now that there is a trend carpet with lots of feathers. However, this type susceptible to carpet dust and difficult enough to raise dust. To that end, the carpet of this type should be placed in the area of ​​semi-public and private areas.
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