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Approximately Wood Floor Installation Cost


Currently, the Wood Floor Installation Cost has been more and more. If the first parquet only used in European countries or who has four seasons, the current consumption in Indonesia has also been more and more and get into all walks of life. Initially used in offices, business space, a restaurant, but now many are also used in apartments and houses middle class and above. There are a lot of brand parquet wood flooring, as well as the type and size. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages of each, and of course also many shades of wood motif. For that we have to know Tips for Choosing Parquet Wood Floor. There are some things we must consider when purchasing parquet wood flooring, it is outside the color problem package and shades that are suitable for interior of our homes.

Look for Wood Floor Installation Cost maker already has a green certification, this means that the parquet is environmentally friendly. It also means that the wood is used as the base material is a wood parquet production from renewable forests (renewable resources), instead of illegal logging. Choosing a non-flammable parquet very important, because basically flammable wood. Wood that has been processed into sheets parquet, must include a special coating that can inhibit the spread of fire. Select sheet parquet floors are easy to install, even by our own that included lay. Besides easy to install, also try parquet does not require harmful adhesives like glue, sealant or other adhesive substance that is really not good for health. And also the wood floor is easy in disassembly.

Choose Wood Floor Installation Cost that can last for a long time, not easy to fade. If we could see the product brochure. Check whether there is the overlay layer, ie aluminum oxide or melamine resin on High Density Fiber board (HDF). If there is, the product is feasible parquet selected. Stains such as coffee, syrup, or tea, which accidentally spilled will absorb into the parquet. The top layer parquet from melamine resin or aluminum oxide is generally useful to repel stains.

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